Studio 128

Studio 128

Studio128 is situated on the first floor of 128 Johnsonville Road, our very own New York loft style apartment, with great views of Johnsonville. Also on site we have the latest 2018 tanning capsule from Hapro international. With outstanding staff, it's no wonder we're the number 1 hair Studio in town. We also are in the process of introducing new to our team here at Studio 128 Sophora Beauty Therapist and an exciting new Collagen bed in store very soon. Sophora ,s. Qualified Beautician is instore starting Thursday 17th May to cater for all your beauty needs. please feel free to contact through Studio 128 on 044786128 for any inquireries.


THE BOSSETT (Manager/ Director/ Trainer)
MINZ With a vast experience of over 22 years, what I love about this industry is seeing the transformation I can achieve on my clients looks, their wellbeing and what they are getting from feeling brand new. I'm always on the lookout for new techniques and trends. I love creating and coming up with new ideas in colouring/ cutting before implementing them on clients. I have been Hair Stylist for the Vodafone Music Awards in Auckland 2 years running and, a stylist for many weddings/ photos shoots.


Owner/ Director
AWESOME John (along with Miranda) opened Studio128 on 25/8/2011 here in Johnsonville, after opening Blue Cube hair studio in Auckland in 1985. John has also worked alongside June Dally Watkins Modelling Agency as personal grooming & stylist, Fashion Quarterly magazine as model & stylist, Style magazine as consultant for hair beauty and as a model, Strip magazine, TV commercials, Bendon Underwear model and 4 years on the TV show Sale of the Century as a model.


Senior Stylist
DEIDRE MATTHEWS I am a Senior Stylist with over 8 years’ experience who welcomes the whanau. Being a mother of four I am back into the swing and creativity of hairdressing whilst driving my MPV!









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Studio 128 Johnsonville

128 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington

(04) 478 6128

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Studio 128 Johnsonville

128 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington

(04) 478 6128

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